Just Jewels Slot Review & Experience

Just Jewels is made by Novomatic and that alone must tell you a lot about this game. Novomatic is a giant of industry.

It’s so big it has over 30,000 people employed in 43 countries across the world. An international company in the true sense of the word.

This giant produced one of the most recognizable games, the symbol of online gambling as a whole, the Book of Ra. The series started out in a rather vintage looking way, but the company keeps up with trends in graphics and the last edition looks top notch.

Just Jewels is a game that can be considered vintage. It looks much like the first Book of Ra in terms of graphics. The number of paylines is also not quite on par with modern standards, it’s just 9 of them.

The minimum bet is 1, but the maximum is as big as 900. Now that’s quite a deal for the high rollers. You can bet as high as you wish with this game. The only place you can bet higher is Vegas.

Just Jewels Game Features

As you may imagine, there is a lack of bonuses in this game. It’s a vintage title, and you can’t expect much from it. Here’s what you can see in the game.


In most games, Scatter symbols give you free games. In this one, they don’t. This is very unfortunate, but Scatters still are worth hitting them.

Scatter Euros are rare, but they pay well. The wins count everywhere on the gameboard, so even if you don’t line them up, you win. The top win with Scatters is 50 times your bet, which is 50,000 if you’re maxing up your bets. That’s quite a win, isn’t it?


Not impressed with the 50,000 you can with by hitting 5 Scatters? Well, you can always bet the whole thing, and double it. You have a 50/50 chance of making twice as much money, but you can always lose it all. The choice is yours.

Just Jewels Game Plot

Just Jewels is just that. It’s just jewels. This game does not bother you with a plot, or a theme that you have to follow. It’s as simple as you get.

The main focus of an online slot is money, and every gambler knows that. Just Jewels gives you just that – money, jewels, gems, Euros, and a Crown as symbols. Spin the jewellery to win money to buy it in real life.

Just Jewels the Verdict

Just Jewels is the ultimate game for a high roller. It’s quite volatile, so you have to gamble a bit before you win. However, if you are able to max up your bets, here’s when the game begins.

Forget about bonuses, music, and the other superficial stuff. This game is here to help you make more money or lose it all. If you bet 900 at a time, the thrill you get is worth it. The wins you will be able to make are worth it as well.

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