CashU is an e-wallet that makes it easy to shop online, largest in the Middle East. It also operates in Tanzania. This payment method is largely popular across Middle Eastern countries, and an ever more growing number of retail shops are accepting it in the region.

We have run a deep check across Tanzanian casinos and discovered that none accept CashU itself as a viable payment method. However, there is a thing due to which CashU casinos in TZ are a thing.

CashU offers users to create a virtual Mastercard, that can be used in any establishment that accepts Mastercard credit cards. So you can make deposits in CashU casinos via CashU virtual Mastercard.

Best Bonuses CashU Casinos

How To Use CashU At Online Casinos

Ok, Tanzanian CashU casinos don’t actually accept CashU wallets as a payment method, how do you go about it? You have to get a CashU Mastercard. Here’s what you have to do in order to get one.

First off, you’ll have to register on the site, get a CashU wallet and go through the service’s KYC procedure. Then you have to generate a Mastercard. The only way to add funds to the CashU Mastercard if from the CashU wallet, and there is a problem there.

CashU wallet cannot be topped up with a credit card anywhere except a couple of Middle Eastern countries. This means you can’t use your credit card in order to add funds to CashU.

What are the other options? Purchasing a refill coupon at one of the vendors available in your country. According to the official site, there’s only one vendor in Tanzania that sells CashU coupons, it is situated in Cape Town.

If you manage to get a CashU Mastercard and top it up, you’ll have to pay limited fees of $1 for funding and generating a card, and a $5 fee if you chose to close the account. Electronic payments are not charged for. The card will be valid for 6 months, and the only currency option is USD.

Here’s what you should know about using one in a CashU casino. All the information above is equally reliable for Mastercard casinos since you use a CashU Mastercard to make deposits.

Deposit and Withdraw

Credit cards are a standard deposit option in Tanzanian casinos, and most places accept it as a deposit option. Some, however, do not offer withdrawals on Mastercard. Many places do. Springbok and Spin Palace offer to process a withdrawal within 2-4 days. Deposits are instant.

Minimum Deposits

Normally, the minimum deposit in a CashU casino is around R150. However, some casinos can accept as low a deposit as R25.

Countries where Payment Option Name is accepted

CashU is widely accepted across the Middle East. This includes such countries as UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Turkey, and many others, including Tanzania. However, TZ doesn’t make the list of countries that can use credit cards to top up CashU wallets.

Deposit Fees

You don’t have to pay a fee when making a deposit via CashU Mastercard.

Online Casino Software Providers That Accept CashU:

RTG CashU Casinos in TZ

RealTime Gaming is a US-based casino software developer, that has produced some great hits over the years of operation. These include popular in Tanzania Cash Bandits, and the sequel, Cash Bandits 2. Some RTG games have a bit of a vintage feel to them, but most have really good graphics. Check them out in CashU casinos like Springbok, Thunderbolt or Punt.

Playtech CashU Casinos in TZ

Founded in 1999, this casino software developer has over 500 titles so far. The games include franchises based on pop culture flicks, especially DC comics. Playtech has slots that themed around Fantastic 4 and Captain America. They’re not very different in the gameplay, though. If that’s your kind of entertainment, go check out Playtech at Omni CashU casino.

Microgaming CashU Casinos in TZ

Microgaming has been in the industry for a long time. It set a Guinness World record in the biggest jackpot paid out to an online casino winner, so if you are trying your luck to win big, this is your kind of games developer. If you want to get acquainted with Microgaming, try Rainbrew. It has a great atmosphere and some really huge multipliers in it. Try it for free at CasinoHEX, or go straight to Spin Palace, or Casumo to play for real money.

NetEnt CashU Casinos in TZ

This games developer has a long history behind it, and what’s more important, amazing games in its portfolio. If you’re a rock fan, you’ll love playing Guns’n’Roses. It has music related symbols, and blasts Guns’n’Roses songs to get you in the mood. Try it at Africasino, or Spin Palace.

Pros And Cons Of Using CashU in Online Casinos

Not sure whether to use CashU as a deposit method? Here are some key facts about the system that will help you make that choice.

The perks

CashU is really handy in the Middle East. It is actually one of the most widespread electronic payment systems in the region, and it spreads further very fast. It is widely accepted in many local and international retail stores, both online and offline.

Getting a CashU virtual Mastercard allows you to literally use the payment system anywhere online, where Mastercard is accepted. This is possible due to cooperation between the two companies. Such a move shows you that CashU is about to grow even more.

The drawbacks

It is hard to find, if not entirely impossible to find a CashU casino in Tanzania that would accept CashU wallet as a payment method. The key factor here is that it is mostly used in the Middle East, and has only entered the Tanzanian market.

This means you have to get a CashU Mastercard. However, there is a problem with that too. It can only be funded via CashU wallet, which brings us to the next drawback.

It is impossible to add funds to CashU wallet via a credit card in Tanzania. It can only be done in some countries in the Middle East. This leaves you with the only option, to buy a refill coupon at one of CashU vendors.

And yet another drawback. CashU is not widespread in Tanzania yet. There’s only one vendor that you can buy refill coupons from, and it is situated in Cape Town.

Our advice

Right now we see only two possible reasons to use CashU to make a deposit in a casino. The first one is that you already have a CashU account with money on it. The second is that you live in Cape Town and are willing to make a trip to the vendor. In all the other cases, please consider other payment options.

Of course, you could ask a friend in Cape Town to buy you a refill card, but that is just too much of a hustle. You can easily use another payment system from the comfort of your home.

The Current Situation with CashU in Tanzania

CashU is legal and operates in Tanzania. It is not very well spread, however. There’s only one vendor that sells refill coupons, the only way to top up a CashU wallet in TZ. Together with the fact that you’ll have to get a virtual Mastercard to pay at a CashU casino, this makes it go down in the list of good payment options.

Alternatives to CashU for Making Deposits in Online Casinos

You’re not sure what to use instead of CashU to deposit in an TZ based casino? Take a look at these options.

Wire transfer. It is archaic, but many casinos accept it. The drawback is that you may have to go to your bank, wait in line and pay transfer fees to the bank. Withdrawal is nowhere near fast either.

Credit card. If you already have a Mastercard credit card, you’d be better off if you went for this option instead of CashU. CashU casinos only accept CashU virtual Mastercard, and if you have a Mastercard already, this would unnecessary.

E-payment systems. Tanzanian casinos accept EcoPayz, Neteller and Skrill among many others. They’re fast, they’re secure, they’re popular. This means they would take you a lot less effort than a CashU virtual Mastercard to operate.

How Safe CashU is?

Despite some of its flaws, CashU is a secure and safe payment option. You’ll have to follow some security guidelines like not telling secret information to people claiming to be CashU support or members of support of a casino you’re gambling at. If you do that, your money will be safe.

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