Classic Blackjack Gold Review & Experience

A casino game that remains in demand in land-based casinos and on the internet too, is Blackjack. The classic single-deck version is always popular among gamblers and Microgaming which is one of the gambling industry’s top developers knows that too and prove their excellence with the Classis Blackjack Gold game. This game follows traditional European rules and here you can bet as low as one dollar and up to two hundred dollars. Your rules for Classic Blackjack Gold are as follows:

  • You do have insurance opportunity when the dealer has a face-up Ace, which pays 2:1
  • You are not allowed to surrender after placing bets
  • You cannot get a blackjack after you made a split and a Blackjack after a split is straight 21
  • When you split aces, you can add as many cards as you want to make up numbers
  • You can only split once
  • When you have a hard nine, ten or eleven you cannot double on your bet
  • Only cards of the same rank can be split, for example, you cannot split two ten cards when one is a face card and the other a normal number ten.
  • The dealer must stand on seventeen even if it is a soft seventeen
  • The dealer deals only one card for himself
  • The winning hand pay-outs are1:1 for normal wins and 3:3 for a blackjack

To play this game you will find all the relevant buttons below the screen which include Hit, Stand, Double, Split and Insurance. Any other rules you are unfamiliar with or need to check are available on the game too while you can also choose to play in silence if the sounds distract you. While Classic Blackjack Gold does not have bonus games and progressive jackpots attached it remains a top game which table games lovers can play here at casinos we listed for you with software from Microgaming. They include Video Slots and Casino Cruise to name a few.

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